Sunday, August 8, 2010


I have to admit this assignment was a huge challenge for me. I have always been afraid to experiment too much on the computer. I feared that if I pushed the "wrong button" I'd break my computer. This assignment has taught me not to be afraid. I enjoyed the creative aspects the most. I loved the digital story telling. I will use that tool frequently this year. I have learned that there are many ways to use technology with my Pre-K students. I am excited about the i-Touch apps and plan to use them during workstations. The unexpected outcome for me was that I actually completed the assignment.

Tool #11

Digital citizenship is an important part of learning for students. With so much talk about cyberbullying and strangers on the Internet, it is our responsibility to teach our children how to safely use technology. I thought the information from Brainpop would be very beneficial for my students. It was easy to understand and touched on the topics of online manners and safety.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tool #10

I have used an iTouch briefly with my students. The children loved them. Two apps I liked were Dinosaur Math and Shapebuilder Lite. I plan to use iTouches during workstations. They are great for independent practice and reinforcing skills. I am sure some of my students will be able to teach me new ways to use our iTouch.

Tool #9

I played around with jing a little. It took me a long time to figure out how to download it on my computer. I finally have "my sun" and can capture pictures and edit them. I use pictures alot with my students. I am looking forward to practicing with jing and feeling more comfortable incorporating it into my lessons.
I have heard of skype and look forward to using it. I think it would be great to connect to children in other parts of the country or world.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tool #8 continued

I really enjoyed finding learning videos on YouTube. I have never taken the time to search through anything on this site. I feel there is a lot of good information that could be used in a small group setting. I also feel that teachers need to carefully preview the videos before using them.

Tool #8

Tool #7

I love photostory books. My class loves to read their movie. I plan on using this tool many times in the coming school year. I did have trouble uploading my story to my blog. Hopefully this will become easier with practice.